Why Blue?

Merged in Blue

Merged in Blue

Why blue? Why not some other color? Why not a straight relationship? Just imagine the whole world around me believes that holding hands or taking some other girl to a cafe is like becoming lesbians! What the f..k?
I mean I have been into a straight relationship with women of all ages and here I am getting branded with sexual overtones for no rhyme or reason. I hate this attitudes of these prudes who snigger and give a silly smile looking at us. I would some day like to prove them right, there on the spot. But I am unable to do that. We come from an orthodox family and all that jazz. Sex is a big taboo in our world. But mind you, they all are oversexed and perverts to the core. Anyway I am not here to spoil my mood. Ok! I am here to tell you about my very special relationship with my dearest friend. No names, ok?
So here goes. She used to visit my office very regularly and I never paid much attention to her. A very petite woman in late 30’s I guessed then. She wore her hair shorter than the rest and seemed very tomboyish. Her talk was always very husky and mature. I am sorry, I don’t know what I am talking here, but I guess you can understand all that. So one fine day( sure, we saw that movie together too) she just asked me casually whether we could get together for lunch. In the office cafeteria, mind you!
I really don’t know what she spoke to me then, but I hazily remember we just spoke about work and later about our interests. I didn’t find any interests common between us. But something’s just fall in place! You know what I mean.
Suddenly she was all over the place and we were regularly attending gym and having coffee more often. I would travel far beyond my office just to meet her in some mall or some other place. One day I booked some movie tickets for us but I guess she didn’t enjoy it at all. Maybe her temperament is more suitable for the scifi type of films. I loved all mushy films. Still we continued to go for movies.
We even had some strange stuffs to do. You know the type of Arab streets stuff. We started to become serious much later. I think it all started when I had to be admitted in emergency in the hospital. She was the only one there for me. I told her to go home but she wouldn’t budge from her chair. Slept the whole night there and as the doc gave a clean chit, she tucked me home. I saw how much she loved me then.
Then there were flowers and rings and restaurants and holidays to exotic locations too.
Now we come to a point when your imagination may run wild. So hold it right there. I was surely and deeply in love with her but it was in no way a physical relationship.
We were twin souls who found love with each other. We expressed it with each other but decided that there could be nothing more to that than just being in love.
The closest we ever came to each other is when we hugged each other or we kissed like two friends meeting each other. Sometimes we stay at each other’s houses too. But the only thing that we do is talk, watch movies or just exchange notes from our past lives and keep to ourselves.
Let the silly ones watch the blue movies or see some serials but that doesn’t affect our relationships. I do have an occasional bouts of jealousy when she goes with her other friends but that’s all to it. We fight and then make up and then we again fight. We have our mood swings and terrible scenes too. But that doesn’t separate us in any which way.
We have arrived at a healthy code of conduct. I will not interfere in her personal relationships and neither will she. But when we are together we want to be together only. No one can take that away from us.
Now coming back to the movie, we watched it together and felt the emotions but that can hardly make me have a roaring sex bout with her. Anyway she seems cool to it. Maybe some day! Who knows? So just stfu and don’t you go about calling us gay or whatever you want to. You live your life and let us live ours. Got that, ah?


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