Educating A Girl Child

IMG_3845Why is educating a girl child so important? Tell me what is so great to educate a girl in a developed nation? Then ask yourself if it is possible to do the same in a developing or underdeveloped one? The worst possible are countries ruled by archaic traditions where women are treated worse than house pets.
I come from a nation where it’s a tad difficult to educate a girl child. The entire nation may have programs which talk about girl child education, but the first slap I got was when my father asked me why is it important to educate me? Any which way I was going to get married and will have to leave my studies midway. He told me it’s a better investment if he were to spend for his nincompoop son’s education. He will get more dowry and a better proposal. His education will get him better loans and better facilities. It will give my brother a good foothold in a MNC. He can negotiate a better salary. Later his education will get him good scope in his own business.
I was flabbergasted at what he was talking. He had thought of me as a drain in his assets and finances, whereas boys education was a better deal. It made great business sense.
It was such a hypocritical view, that I was appalled and repented born to this kind of a MCP. Girl child education sounds like a good policy but when you have people with such narrow minded views, it defeats the purpose entirely. Tell me what use is it to educate a girl and then sell her in the marriage market? When a man treats his own daughter as a drain on his resources, you really wonder where can there be justice?
My mother doesn’t have much say at home, so you can visualize the scene that took place when I revolted and fought back.
My mother helped me on the sly by providing me funding for higher studies. She told me to apply to universities abroad. Till the day I hadn’t received my admission letter, we never let the cat out of the bag. Once my tickets and letters were ready, we informed dad about my imminent departure. There was a big fight in the family. My grandmother and mother gave him a piece of mind. Both becoming a formidable wall protecting me from the enemy within in the form of my father.
I reached my destination and I had another great surprise in store for me. The university that I had applied for was a sham. I was in for a complete shock. I was afraid my father now could get me back home on this pretext. But I did a little research and found that I could take admission into another place. I called up my mother to tell her my decision. She again abided by me. She was extremely helpful in arranging a lot of background stuff for me. One of her distant relatives stood in good stead. He helped me get to my destination without hitch.
Now I am well settled in a great job. I enjoy my work but I am reminded by the turbulent past and my fathers attitude. I would do anything to help another woman who is going through similar circumstances. I sincerely hope that girls can stand up to these silly old beliefs and fight their way out of old archaic belief systems.
But I alone can never do anything. It requires a great effort and lots of support from every woman on this planet. I would tell them, don’t just think about your own selves just because you do not have such difficulties in getting educated. Think of those millions who would love to get educated and yet cannot because of their silly beliefs and society rules. Let us come together and drive a girl child towards better education so that she can become a good member of the society. Remember a woman is not a burden on the society but she is the main pillar on which the society stands.


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