How To Fund My Education?

IMG_4898How was I ever going to fund my education? I had absolutely no clue if there was a Pretty Woman out there, who was going to tuck in my education fund or what!
I always wanted to go out of my country and learn abroad, not because the education system in my country sucks but I needed to get a head start in my career in whichever industry I get employed.
The employers are always going to give preferences to those who have great degrees from some fancy institutions abroad.
I agree, my thinking might have been skewed but let me tell you, the world out there is extra competitive and we are minions getting replaced every minute if we don’t perform. Also we need to get manufactured at the best locations.
Don’t they say, location, location, location? So also in the education business, it’s location only. You know for sure the Harvard grad gets more than some SSU( some small Univ.) grad.
So coming back to the story. I had no clue, how my education abroad will happen. But when the time came for me to look out for some great universities, I zeroed on to the choicest one. With my grades it would be easier to get in, but the university had just screwed up the scholarships that year. Maybe the government there wanted to just make money and not give any concessions. So there I was getting admitted but without any clue as to how I was going to pay the fees.
The university opens its doors to those who can afford it. They are in the business of making money, you know. The whole education system sucks. Look at the loans that these poor hapless students are burdened with. So I was truly in the middle of nowhere.
My parents rustled up some funds by selling of the HDB flat they had and moved to another rented location. Isn’t that terrible? You know I balked at what they were doing! I am not so sure, if I will be able to pay them back ever.
These hard working dudes in my world were truly living up to the dictum of helping the poor and needy. My catholic upbringing taught me right at the beginning of my life, how we are supposed to take care of the needy and all that jazz. But I never knew I would be that needy one!
Anyway my first year fees were secured by these gullible souls. Now I studied hard and partied hard. What else does a first year student do besides getting soaked screwed and rolled in the muck around? I too did the same. Thankfully, I woke up just in time for my semester exams.
In the second year, these folks went out with the begging bowl to all relatives and friends. I guess they must have sold their soul to the devil too. I don’t know about that, but I am sure they might have been at the receiving end from everyone and sundry. Now, you ask me why didn’t you apply for a study loan? That’s a stupid question when there are no assets or tangibles to pawn, these banker Shylocks didn’t want to even consider my application. So let’s not go there, ok?
They were able to get 70 percent of the funds that way as soft loans from some relatives and friends. The rest they sold the family jewelry and got it. I felt like a great heel then. But I persevered.
At what cost? I was depressed and dejected the whole year and I tanked in curriculum. It was a terrible mistake thinking about going for studies abroad. I should have stuck to the meaningless education there itself. But you know how greed is? It eggs you on. So my second year fees got paid. I was dreading my last year. I had no clue where the money was going to come from.
Since my parents had used up all the known resources and had been trying right from second year to secure these funds, they had made nil progress. No one wants to loan a beggar. Every rat from the ship deserted. My relatives vanished and friends took to heels.
My third year stared at me. I held a mail in my hands which told me that if I am unable to pay the fees, I could take a break and gather some funds for later. But I was not ready for that. When I was back from holidays, my parents had brainwashed me into thinking that there is some God somewhere who is going to create magic. I didn’t for a minute believe in that bs. What God were these silly people talking about? Someone who hasn’t even bothered to save the world or stopped these guys from shooting children. I never could stay back. I hated my country and my parents too for all these goofs. I went back to the term but I dreaded every single day.
The deadline was coming closer for paying the fees.
Suddenly I got this whatsapp message from my dad asking me to come online. He never speaks to me and I was a bit intrigued with that so I logged in. He began by how the world has grown and all that blah these old guys talk. Then he dropped the bombshell. Let’s get you crowd funded! Wtf?
So you want me to go bare naked in the streets with a begging bowl? Have you lost your mind, I asked? No, he was darned stubborn about it. I took three days of pure depression before I opened my comp to write down my application. Then as they say rest is history.
You will not believe this, but I refused to go to the score board. Everyone of my Facebook friends must be jeering at me and my stupidity. That sod! He finally had got to me. Where the hell was I supposed to go, within weeks of my final fees payment dates? I had gone and done the silliest and stupidest things in the whole wide world.
I kept on getting whatsapp messages every hour on the hour. I didn’t even open a single one. Let him send, who cares? Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I saw over 20 messages in whatsapp, over a hundred in Facebook and maybe a million mails. The last message read- babe, your dream has come true. You have over 15k collection in our account now.
I couldn’t ever imagine how that happened? Was it their God who came to my rescue or some wild luck? I will never understand that. Maybe it’s the power of the social network, or the new begging platform called crowd funding, or it may be just some wild chance. Who knows?
The mails were all congratulating me on my success, some praised me for having the guts to beg in the open. Some even thanked me to say how their dreams will now come true after I had set them an example. So crowd funding was my savior.
Or was it some gray old man in the sky, or my old man or just my luck?


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