What Do Women Want?

What do women want? A woman has often been asked this question- what is it that women really want in life?
The answer has been the same all along- We don’t know what we want!
But ask yourself, if that is the truth?Woman
The truth is not so easy to know or understand. It cannot be told in a one line answer.
We women have too many wants and desires. They stem from the fact that we have been deprived all our life, right from birth. So naturally, our list of desirous things are really to long.
Let us begin at childhood. We are the most unwanted creatures in the world. Take the case of child mortality and forced abortions in some countries. So we feel completely unwanted from birth.
Later, as we begin our childhood, we are forced into toys and clothes which are so stereotyped. Every girl is supposed to wear pink and soft tones. Even if we love garish colors, we are told that girls love pink! The toys too are so girlish. Why can we not have guns and builder blocks? Why dolls and makeup kits? Do you get it? We want to climb trees, play rugby, football and break toys just like everyone else! But, we are told we cannot do that. It’s not proper!
Growing up is extremely difficult too. Everyone looks at the growing assets and make us feel as if we are some alien creatures. Why can Ma not see that she too has the same? But the precautions that we have to take are a big list. You can’t do this and you can’t do that. Why do we have to grow our hair? They are the crowning glory of the girls? You have to shampoo them, dry them, color and do whatnot. The boys need not do anything at all. Those guys just run their fingers through their hair and they are fine.
In school too, the requirements are too many. Subjects that can be taken by the boys are supposedly taboo for girls. They have different games and we have to support these guys. Imagine shaking our asses while they are gloriously kicking goals. We are show pieces even for the folks in the stands. With our colored pom poms we are supposed to wear clothes which reveal more than ever. On one side we are told not to wear too revealing clothes and on the other we have to show our skins. Even though the dean is a woman but she believes that we are the delicate types and should be handled with care.
At home too, our dates are a bigger concern of the entire family. Why is it a family affair and not our own? Why are we under a microscope in every little thing? Why can we not have our own rooms instead of accommodating every other person in our rooms? The boys needn’t do that?
Even the summer jobs that we are told to do are the most mundane and crassest. We want to go for trekking and mountain climbing. Rappelling and whitewater rafting are such wonderful activities, but we are cautioned and told what we have to be careful with. A simple action like cycling too is full of rules and regulations.
So in conclusion I just want to tell you how confined and cloistered our lives are. We need to become more forthcoming and showing the people around what we really do care for. It’s not right to keep silent and listen to the worlds do and don’t lists. We should be free to choose and decide for ourselves. Even if it means that we might fall down or hurt ourselves.
Does it really matter? Can we not be allowed to rise to our own desires and needs rather they being thrust down our throats. Think about it ladies! Let’s give this world a run for their money.